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February 11 2020

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Nick Cave and his wife Susie Bick on the cover of Push the Sky Away

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Joker, T. Phillips (2019)
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February 10 2020

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Lovers, 1982 by Harry Holland

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February 05 2020

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Adam Asnyk - Szkoda!
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February 01 2020

Miniature Creatures Made of Felted Wool by Nastasya Shuljak

Moscow-based artist Nastasya Shuljak transforms packs of wool into sculptures of small animals and other whimsical creatures. Plants sprout from the heads of smiling trees and other natural spirits. Polar bears, foxes, hares, and other critters stare through inquisitive eyes applied to their tiny woolen faces. Shuljak’s toys are an exercise in the flexibility of the material and also a way to bring joy to all who meet them.

Shuljak, a former theater artist and art teacher, tells Colossal that the practice of making creatures began when friends gifted her some wool. With that first bag she made a bear and a hare, and the menagerie has been growing ever since. “I saw children’s sonorous happiness in an adult man holding in his hands what I did,” says Shuljak. “Until now, it touches me, causes surprise and peace.” Commenting on the purpose of the figures, she added that her animals “do not aspire to the exhibition hall, do not claim to be art. These are just small lumps of joy, carefree second smiles.”

Shuljak teaches classes in Moscow on how to create the toys and also sells them via social media. For more information on upcoming workshops and to meet more of these adorable wool creatures, follow Shuljak on Instagram.


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January 19 2020

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Były przyjaciel brzmi znacznie gorzej niż były chłopak czy była dziewczyna. O partnerach wiadomo, że niekoniecznie muszą zostać na zawsze. Wobec przyjaciół ma się jednak jakieś minimalne oczekiwania, że powinni zostać. Partnerom z reguły przynajmniej na początku nie mówi się o sobie od złej strony, więc ich szybka strata nie boli tak mocno. Przyjaciel z kolei już od początku zna nasze sekrety i słabe strony. Poza tym przyjaciele potrafią ofiarować lekarstwo na złamane serce. Kto ofiaruje lekarstwo, gdy oni odejdą?
— Julia Chudecka
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Wrażliwość jest formą inteligencji, nie ma sensu wyjaśniać jej tym, którzy jej nie mają.
— znalezione.
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